How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need

How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need – Best Guide 2022

To enhance a gorgeous look, dyeing hair is an awesome style. The real question is How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need ? Light and dark golden layers in hair define an attractive personality. The answer is very simple. The ounces of hair dye are depending on your hair length and thickness.

How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need ?

Instead of golden layers, you can color your hair with blue, purple, pink, and vibrant colors but you don’t know the exact quantity of dye you need. Imagine if you have an important meeting tomorrow morning and you have to dye your hair at the night. You don’t know the exact amount of color. You have just applied it to half of your hair and now you have half black and half red hair. So it is very important to know why purchasing the right amount of hair color is necessary.

How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need

Here we will clear your all doubt while coloring your hair. If you want to make your look outstanding this article will help you to aware of the quality and quantity of hair color.

Experience says 3 to 4oz of hair dye is enough to get 100% results. The exact amount can be from 3 to 8oz depending on the length and thickness of hair. My article will tell you how hair length and thickness affect the amount of hair dye. Let’s have a keen look at how many ounces of hair dye do you need.

Length of hair is very important for dye

This point is very critical when you decide about your hair length. You really don’t know what the exact length of your hair is. If your hair falls around your shoulders you have short hair. Short hair also refers to falling around your ear. If your hair falls down to your shoulders and goes to your waist down it is considered that you have lengthy hair. But if you have hair between shoulder and waist it’s mean your hair is medium. I hope now you will understand about long short and medium hair. Now let’s take a keen look at how much hair dye you need for every type of hair length.

For short hair

For this type of hair, you need about 2 to 3oz of hair color depending on the thickness of hair. It means you have to buy a single color kit. Before purchasing the kit you should know its permanent or semi-permanent results. This is about the quantity but you need to know the quality of ammonia for better results.

Ammonia may have bad effects on hair because it damages hair cuticles and allows your hair to dry, frizzy, and brittle. For short hair, it is safe to color your hair at home by following the directions that are written on the product’s package to save time and money. The things that are required while coloring at home are a color brush, a bowl, a makeup removing wipe, a shower cap, a mirror, Gloves. Before doing hair color at home you can take help from some of your hair color specialists.

For medium hair

For this type of hair, you will need about 3 to 4oz color depending on the thickness of hair. You can use developer. For many people, the 50/50 developer dye ratio works great. Bright Hair Color is a big demand for this type of hair. It is better to take advice from your hairstylist. Again know the quality and quantity of ammonia if it entered the blood creates harmful effects on skin and hair because ammonia is a common ingredient of many modern dye hair colors.

For long hair

It is very tricky to know the exact amount of dye for long hair. If you have long enough 2 to 3inches from your shoulders you will require 4oz hair color but if your hair falls 4 inches from your shoulders 8oz of dye is enough for this type of hair. How much long hair you have more dyeing you will need. Again know about the quality of ammonia because it is also known to cause allergic reactions and burns. So large amount of ammonia is not safer for your hair.

Thickness of hair

The amount of dye is depending on the thickness of the hair. Many people don’t know the thickness of their hair when they consider the ounces of hair dye. For thickness, we divide hair into three forms Fine, medium, and thick and each form has its characteristics about hair dye. If you really don’t know about the thickness of your hair.

Try to do an experiment with your hair, take a band and wrap it around your hair as much time as you can. If you wrap your band four or five times then you have fine hair but if you wrap around your hair three times, your hair has medium thickness. If you have only one or two rounds of a band around your hair then you have heavy hair with thickness. Now let’s observe the amount of dye of fine medium and thick hair.

Fine Hair or thin hair

For fine hair it is very easy to dye .you should use 2oz to dye. This type of hair has the quality to absorb hair dye pigments. So, you don’t need to worry about using the dye to cover this hair type. It is better for you to reduce the amount of hair dye.

Medium hair

Many women have this type of hair. Sometimes naturally hair becomes thin because of hair fall, hair damage, and postpartum issues. While creating hair dye this type of hair is always kept in mind. If you have this kind of hair you can use the dye amount within the recommended range. You should use 2 to 2.5oz to dye.

Thick hair

For this type of hair, it is very difficult to control and color the hair because thick hair has great volume. It means you will need more products rather than fine or medium hair. It is good for you to use the amount on the upper end of the recommended range. But if you have thick hair with a short hairstyle 3oz of hair dye would be enough.

What happens when you select the wrong amount of hair dye

If you really don’t know the answer of How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need ? , You can end up with a lot of trouble. First of all your hair shows two different colors. One color of the hair dye and the other color of your natural or base hair color. For hiding your mistake you will need to dye your hair again and the result is a lot of damage to your hair.

Most of the time itching will be started on your head. If you have more quantity of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide in your dye color several damages are appeared on your head ending with frizz and weak hair. If you run out of the product you are in the need to wait the full amount of time to let the product work.

What is permanent and semi-permanent and temporary hair dye?

Permanent hair dyes have the highest concentration of peroxide and open the hair shaft to get the color deeper into the hair. It contains the strongest type of chemicals. It lasts for about 8 to 10 weeks. Semi-permanent hair dyes last for about 6 weeks but they don’t alter the natural hair shade. It contains less amount of peroxide. If you want different hair colors, the best thing is to go with temporary hair dyes. The color only remains on the surface of the hair and fades away with one or two washing.

Basic preparation for Hair Dying

By reading this article you know how much dye you need to cover your hair. Now let’s have a look at basic tips before doing dye to your hair.

Wash your hair when needed

It is very important to give time to natural oil to blend the color and enhance the chances of living longer so before dye it is not important to wash your hair. But if you have dust or more oil on your hair wash your hair before one or two days of hair dying.

Comb your hair properly

Before starting to dye makes sure that your hair is free from tangles so that the process of coloring can be smooth and also help you to dye your hair evenly. If you have rough hair full of tangles you cannot get the 100% results of hair dying.

Save your hair from stain

Hair dye stains are very strong and harsh and it is very difficult to remove them. So you should be well prepared for hair dyeing. You should wear an old T-shirt or a rough dress. If you find any stain on it you just throw it. You can also cover your dying seat or table with newspaper to protect yourself from staining.

Cover your skin

It is a very important and last activity for hair dying. You should wear gloves, cover your skinhead, ears, and neck with petroleum jelly because it can be easy to rinse off and easy to remove the dyeing color.

Know the ratio of developer to the cream

Before starting you should know the ratio of developer to the cream or lotion. Otherwise, you might end up with different color than what you wanted.

To sum up, my discussion is the answer of How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Do I Need depending on two major things hair length and hair thickness. Simply you need to know the basic length and thickness of hair to select a hair color box according to it. Here we try to give you a complete guide of hair dyes and their type.

I hope this article will clear all your confusion related to How Much Ounces of hair dye do you need. If you are satisfied with my article please comment below.

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