How To Soften Coarse African American Hair [Best Guide 2022]

Now a day’s many people are facing the problem of how to have to soften coarse African American hair. Having coarse hair is frantic and demanding especially at that time when you don’t have any idea what to do. This article is for you and will help you with How To Soften Coarse African American Hair. If you are one of them and have wasted your money and time on different products and items but failed in getting 100% results. Now you need not worry about it.

Once you figure out how you can keep your curls hold on to moisture for longer some relaxing treatments will give you smooth results. Here are some wonderful techniques that help you to know how to keep your hair soft and manageable.

How To Soften Coarse African American Hair

How To Soften Coarse African American Hair?

Your best treatment for softening coarse African and American hair starts in your washroom when you are taking shower. This is a place where you need to do some extra effort by the use of the right products in the right method to keep sure that you are not spoiling your mane dry.

The use of hot water can damage your hair. Try to rinse your hair with cool water. This will help you to rinse out any excess product. So to have softened coarse African American hair get going with a productive wash day routine. Here are some outstanding methods below that will help you to soften coarse African American hair

1. Use the Pre Pro Method

Most shampoos are based on water-insoluble which can spoil the hair from its natural oil and can make your hair rougher and fizzier. In the pre-pro method, we go through the prewashing method. Always use a conditioner that is based on oil and natural leaves. The coating of oil and natural leaves conditioner produces a protective layer around our hair to prevent dryness and thickness. One more great advantage of the pre-pro method is, that it saves our hair from fading which is a very common issue of hair.

2 Use olive oil and coconut oil

Research proves that coconut and olive oil are beneficial for dry hair. Coconut oil is used in beauty products. You should look for those products that are already infused with coconut oil. Besides this, you can use pure coconut oil on your hair after shampoo if you feel that there is more oil on your hair you can use this after a day.

Olive oil works as a barrier against water that very helps full to stop water molecules from damaging the curls. For better results try to apply olive oil to your hair once a week because olive oil is well studied for its external and internal effects on hair.

3. Use the best shampoo for dry and coarse hair

The demand for coarse hair is the shampoo that works as a moisturizer. Always choose the shampoos that are non-stripping, sulfate-free, and have full moisturizing goodness. The excellent shampoo and conditioner have all the qualities for dry and thick curls that struggle to retain moisture. If you want volume in your softened coarse hair then you need a volumizing shampoo. Use shampoo that hydrates this will add extra moisture.

4. Have a lightweight Leave-in conditioner

Always try to use lightweight products instead of heavy and oilier ones. If you have thick coarse afro hair you are in a need of creamy and lightweight products that will help you to make your hair soft. Most conditioners contain proteins but heavy proteins are harmful to softening hair, but if you have coarse afro hair go easy on it. The leave conditioner is effective for presenting coating to turn coarse hair into smooth hair.

5. Coconut milk treatment

Coconut milk treat is a natural treatment for coarse and thick hair. It is too cheap and affordable for everyone and easy to use. Many types of coconut hair milk masks are available in the market but the result of natural coconut hair milk masks is outstanding.

Here’s how to make a pure coconut hair milk mask at home

  • ½ cup of coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Add two tablespoons of Rose oil
  • Add one egg white
  • Mix all the above mention ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly.
  • Apply on your damaged hair in parts.
  • Leave it on your hair for about 40 minutes.
  • Wash out properly without shampoo from the cool water. By the use of this mask, you
  • will see that you have provided your hair proteins, Vitamin C, iron, and minerals. These are very helpful for coarse and thick hair.

6. Go easy on frequent treatment

Professional hair treatment gives a smooth and soft look to your hair but its effect remains temporary. Most of the hair treatments are based on chemicals that are harmful and dry your hair. You should go for softened coarse hair treatment minimum after six weeks.

7. Advantage of Microfiber Towel for softening coarse hair

Cotton and harsh surface towels are harmful to hair for drying hair after washing. Cotton-based towels can cause to making knots and tangles on your hair. Always use a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel because microfiber towels are anti-static and avoid producing friction on your hair. The microfiber towel is good, especially for girls who have curly and afro hair. They can easily put it around their neck and allow the water to go in it without rubbing the hair.

8. Caramel treatment is good for Soften Coarse hair

Nowadays the most famous treatment for softening coarse hair is caramel treatment. This is the most popular treatment on social media for curlies. You can do this treatment in your home or buy the readymade products from the authentic company .you can use a mixture of banana, Molasses, honey, olive oil, , cornstarch, apple cider , and vinegar for caramel treatment.

9. Apply Baggy Method

The baggy method is a moisturizing technique that many men and women use to enhance their hair growth and also use it for softening hair. It is used for moisturizing hair and covering the whole head with a shower bag, plastic bag, plastic cap, plastic wrap, and some other kind of head covering. You can use the power of steam to give deep moisture to your hair. For this, you have to apply your hair mask on your hair and wrap your hair with a plastic cap and leave it for an hour. It definitely helps you to increase your hair beauty to soften coarse hair. Try to do this activity once a week to get good results.

10. Take a hair steamer

To soften coarse hair you should have a hair steamer because a streamer generates vapors when you add oil which is essential for softening hair. You can add a few drops of rose oil, hydrogenated castor oil, or olive oil to your steamer, and look it magically work. For doing this you need not go to any saloon you can do this at home easily. If you don’t like the baggy method. The steamer will give you more benefits for softening coarse hair.

11. Use the soft pillow

This is the best option for keeping your hair soft. The pillows that are made of cotton and polyester are harmful to hair because they can cause to pull, tug and take moisture from your hair while you are on the bed. Always use a silk pillow because it is free from friction. You will notice that your hair remains soft and free from frizzing when you wake up.

12. Avoid to hairstyle

The pulling and tightening action can damage the hair’s softness. Hairstyles can be fun but some hairstyles and elastic bands are harmful to softening coarse hair. This can lead to dryness. So avoid too harsh and stretching hairstyle.

Above mention remedies and treatments are very helpful for softening coarse American and African hair but there is some reason that makes your hair dry and harsh.

  • Lack of moisture could cause a lack of soft hair.
  • Environmental conditions have a great effect on soft hair. If you live in a dry or hot climate or spend a lot of time in the sun or wind or in salty water you may increase the chances of the dullness of your hair.
  • Poor hair care often contributes to dry hair. The use of harsh conditioners or styling products plays a part in damaging your hair.

Benefits of softened coarse hair

There are many benefits of keeping your hair soft. The best advantage is, it reduces the risk of breakage. It gives a stronger impact on afro hair. It reduces the threat of scratching. Afro looks better.

To sum up, my discussion is that if you will try above mention tips that I have covered, you will find good results for How To Soften Coarse African American Hair By keeping your hair moist you will reduce your hair breakage and allow your hair too long and growing. If any type of question comes to your mind don’t shy and comment below. If you are looking for Best Arabian Oud Fragrance, check this Blog.

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