How to keep African American Hair From Frizzing in Humidity [Best Guide 2022]

The main question is keep hair from fizzing in humidity? First of all, we should know what is frizz?, a mass of small and tight curls makes our hair frizz. Frizzy hair is not smooth and neat because its individual shaft is wavy. When hair is frizzy its outer cover is riddled that allowing the hair’s inner cortex to soak up hair swelling.

So its means frizzy hair is tightly curled. African and American hair is full of curls and looks beautiful and amazing. There are many issues with this type of hair. Its major problem is frizz. This produces dryness. It mostly happens when the hair cuticles are disparate from the shaft. With our beautiful curls, it takes too much time to reach the gross of our hair shaft. But here is a question for all of us, will our hair always remain frizzy.

This question can create confusion for you. But you will feel happy to hear this you can easily combat frizz. My article will help you to encounter the problem that how to keep hair from fizzing in humidity. If you are living in a humid place you have more chances of frizzy hair due to much quantity of moisture in the hair.

But if you are living in a dry area you can have frizzy hair due to the lack of moisture in the atmosphere. Most of the time when you are spending a lot- of time in outside activities especially during the daytime and in the time of afternoon your hair gets frizzed. So, it is very difficult for everyone how to manage frizz for natural African and American hair.

How To Keep African American Hair From Frizzing In Humidity

What Are The Causes Of Frizz In Humidity?

Its causes are very simple and lack of moisture. If your hair is thirsty then you will face the problem of frizz. Here are some specific reasons for this problem.

  • Not using the styling products.
  • Applying too much heat.
  • Using low-quality products.
  • Your sleeping routine.
  • Hygienic food

How can I style my hair when it’s humid outside?

Ponytails, braid, top buns, and sleek are very important ways to style your hair when it is humid outside.

how to keep African American hair from frizzing in humidity

Looking for how to keep African American hair from frizzing in humidity, here is a list of different ways to combat frizz in different environments.

1. Cleansing

When the weather is humid, the hair looks dull with extra volume and the result is frizzy. So what is the solution? how to keep African American hair from frizzing in humidity. For frizzing hair, your first step should be cleansing. It is a very important step for natural hair and those people who have locks.

Be careful while choosing a shampoo for you. Always choose a shampoo of a high-quality brand. It is very important for you to select a shampoo that is free from the sulfate. Because it can be harsh on your hair and keep hair from fizzing in humidity. And can damage the softness of your hair. The chemicals are present in most of the shampoos that practically strip the hair of grease, oil, and moisture.

So apply the shampoo to your hair twice a week. You can also apply the dry shampoo before working out and at the time of outdoor games in humid weather. After the shampoo, you can use the serum for your hair. The serum delivers optimum moisture to your hair. The anti-frizz serum will ensure your curls. The serum will be excellent for relaxed, textured, and color-treated hair. I suggest you use Cantu shea Butter Hair silk Serum for American African hair.

If you apply a good serum to your hair you will see how much your curls can stretch gracefully. Many black people use black soap and the cream of nature Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. These are beneficial for us and leave your hair fresh. Use smooth shampoo, serum, and conditioner and leave in as well and after the shower and use a microfiber hair towel to finish the risk of frizz.

2. Moisturize your hair

Basically, frizz occurs due to a lack of moisture in your hair. Moisturizing is a very important step to keep hair straight for those people who have curly or lost hair. Without it, hair can become dry and leads to damage and loss of nutrients. High heat can dry out the hair and change the structure of the mask once a week to restore moisture. You should use cream-based moisturizers for your curly hair. Always use heat-protecting spray before using heated tools.

I suggest you use coconut and olive oil spray. Spray the roots of your hair with the light drops of making the mixture. You can treat dry curly hair with deep moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Hair Moisturizing should be started from the roots and end at the tips. Softly rub serum or moisturizing products into your hair and make sure your hair is thoroughly moisturized. It will help you to weigh down your curls & keep hair from fizzing in humidity.

3. Eat Right

Eat right strategy will solve the issue of how to keep African American hair from frizzing in humidity? Yes, to keep American and African hair from frizzing in humidity diet contributes a lot to a healthy hair and scalp. Try to take a diet that is rich in vitamins A and zinc. A healthy and balanced diet of green vegetables, legumes, nuts, oysters and whole grain can bring your hair to its best shape. Your diet chart should be according to your climate and weather and help to keep hair from fizzing in humidity.

4. Stay away from heat

For many people, it is very important to stay away from heat. Don’t use the straighteners and blow-dries regularly. Especially when you have curly hair. It is suggested for you wash your hair regularly. Not only it can thin our hair but it is dried too.

It is very effective to stretch our hair. But keep in mind that frequent use of a hairdryer and heated roller brings permanent damage to your hair. Don’t forget to give your hair a good brushing too. When styling your hair use the blue dryer to get the hair on the top of the head straight and full of volume.

5. Hydrate your hair

For fizzy hair, water is the best option to keep our hair safe from getting dry. After cleansing and moisturizing, we need to hydrate our hair from the inner and outside. Drinking 4 liters of water throughout the day helps to generate hair growth and keep hair from fizzing in humidity. In humid the hair is dead and needs to be nourished. You can easily make a spray bottle by adding your favorite oil in one or two cups of water. Shake it very well and spray your hair.

You can keep it in your pocket and bag to spray throughout the day. But don’t brush in wet hair. It will create longer spilled ends. When your hair is completely dry you can use a normal brush. Don’t dry your hair with a towel while doing this you can create a split and make the tips fizzy. When you keep your hair hydrated, it reduces the chances of hair fall and gives a thick and strong impact on your hair.

6. Use a cap to protect your hair

Putting a cap on your head is a good step to keep your hair protected. Avoid tying your hair tightly it destroys the follicles. Leave your hair as loose as you can while going to bed and try to wear a protective cap. The tightness could leave you with a headache.

7. Use good hair products

You can damage your hair by the use of the wrong products. Always use a protein-rich conditioner, a mild shampoo, and healthy hair styling products. There are various products that are designed to use smartly while reducing frizz. The use of gel on curly hair helps wavy or curly hair into smoother.

8. Take a protein treatment

It is very important to pay attention to protein treatments according to the weather. Protein treatment gives better results in summer and fall. It is the perfect time to do a protein treatment. At this time you can easily protect your hair from breakage. But in winter protein treatments can make your hair dry and brittle.

Many protein treatments are available in the market in the form of shampoo, masks, and conditioners. You can get proteins in different forms like white protein, soy proteins, hydrolyzed rice protein, and silk protein. Proteins treatments are good to fill the gap in your cuticle and help to add an extra layer of protection so that you keep hair from fizzing in humidity. Before choosing the protein treatments it is very important for you to check the ingredients that are suitable for your hair type.


When the harsh weather is at its peak you need to do some extra care to keep hair from fizzing in humidity. When humidity comes, the best thing to fight from this problem is Keratin treatment. It is a time-saver treatment. It can keep the hair glossy.

If you are looking for some caring tips from frizzing we suggest you to follow above mention tips. This will cost you nothing. Your hair will start glowing and you will look awesome. Hope this article will help you a lot and you have got your answer on how to keep African American hair from frizzing in humidity. If you still have any confusion about this please inform us and leave your comments below.

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