Oral care Procedure for Unconscious Patient

Oral care Procedure for Unconscious Patient [Best Guide 2022]

Oral care is one of the most important things to give health and quick recovery to an unconscious patient. We can save the patient from more infections by keeping their teeth and mouth clean and following proper oral care procedure for unconscious patient.

Mouth care is very important for those patients who are in ICU or in a serious condition because they are not able to eat or drink themselves. In this condition patients have different challenges for both the doctors and the ones who are taking care of them. The patients are especially focused on oral care.

The caring nurse plays an important role in providing effective oral care because an honest nurse is aware of all the risks and factors of oral health. In this article, we will clearly explain your oral care procedure for unconscious patient. You can easily follow it.

Oral care Procedure for Unconscious Patient

Supplies and Equipment for Unconscious Patients:

Comfort oral care treatment maintains the health of the patient and makes him able to communicate in a better way and eat easily. before going in detail for oral care procedure for unconscious patient ,following things are necessary for oral care. A tray with the equipment of mouth care is needed while performing Oral care procedure for unconscious patient

  • A jug of plain water
  • Box of tissues
  • Soft towels
  • A small and soft toothbrush of good quality.
  • Fluoride toothpaste with no harmful ingredients.
  • Gloves for nurses.
  • Torch for checking the mouth
  • Tongue depressor
  • Mouth gag to open the patient mouth
  • Paper bag
  • Cotton ball
  • Mouth wash solution
  • Kidney tray
  • Mouth care procedure

Unconscious patients are commonly seen by physicians. The oral care procedure for unconscious patient is only for those patients who are not able to do this activity by their effort. ICU patients are often incapable of carrying out oral care like tooth brushing themselves. They are depending on others for this activity.

Mouth or Oral Care Procedure for Unconscious Patient:

  1. First of all, explain to the patient the signs of what you are going to do and ensure privacy during oral care.
  2. Arrange the patient’s bed in a comfortable position because the position of the bed is important for maintaining mouth care procedures. Keep in mind patient’s head remain at 45 –a degree angle. This is a good position to give comfort mouth care to an unconscious patient.
  3. Arrange the entire thing with the numbering on its side table or cabinet.
  4. Cover your mouth with a mask for securing yourself from the patient’s breath.
  5. Place a bulb or suction machine nearby and use a torch to examine the patient mouth.
  6. Sanitize your hand and wear gloves.
  7. Put a soft towel under the chin of the patient.
  8. Cover his chest with another towel.
  9. Use a tongue blade to open the mouth.
  10. Place the patient in a slide lying position. Move the head of the patient towards you.
  11. Clean the teeth, mouth, and tongue with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. The brush should have a small head with even spaces and don’t use too many brushes. Try to hold the brush at an angle of 45- Degree to the tooth.
  12. Use an Asepto syringe without a needle to remove the cavity.
  13. Use oral suction to remove pooled. If dentures exist in the mouth or teeth remove them with the help of a toothbrush.
  14. Clean the gums gently. If there is excessive bleeding from the gums report to the doctor immediately and stop this activity for some time. When you can overcome the teeth bleeding then make a start again.
  15. Rinse the mouth and dry out all the water with a towel.
  16. Now throw the gloves in the bin or paper bag and wash your hand properly.
  17. Use a lip balm for dry and cracked lips. Artificial Saliva can also be used to alleviate a dry mouth.
  18. Write and report the oral procedure.
  19. Reposition the patient and keep the bed in the lower position.

Some good Oral tool kits are also available in the market with proper instructions on how to use oral care kits.

Basic instruction for oral care Procedure for Unconscious patient:

Some important instructions are as under for performing oral care procedure for unconscious patient

  1. Always try to sit upright side of the patient to stop aspiration.
  2. Check the patient mouth fully. Lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, or check if there is any type of redness, dryness, or bleeding inside the mouth consult the doctor.
  3. Follow all the instructions given by the doctors.
  4. Choose the best quality of equipment and devices for oral care.
  5. Avoid using Hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Use the electric suction toothbrush to finish the risk for aspiration.
  7. Brush the teeth for two minutes to remove plaque
  8. Use anti-bacterial mouth wash to reduce the risk of infections.

Why patients have poor oral care:

There are many reasons for poor oral care.  Poor oral hygiene can lead to problems of ulcers, sorted lips cracks, and bleeding. Some basic problems are as below

  1. Lack of knowledge.
  2. Lack of money for purchasing high-quality equipment for oral care.
  3. Unqualified staff.

What are the purposes of oral care?

There are many effective purposes of oral care.

  1. It is important to maintain a healthy state of the mouth, gums, teeth, and lips.
  2. It is very helpful to remove food particles from and between the mouth.
  3. It provides a sense of well-being to patients.
  4. It is also very helpful to remove dental plaque.
  5. It prevents sores and infection of the oral tissues.
  6. It improves the general health of patients.


Oral care is one of the fundamental procedures that have good effects on patient health. If the oral care procedure for unconscious patient is not performed well the plaque can enter the bloodstream or the lungs or it may cause cardiac or lung infections.

Moreover mouth care or oral care appropriate is very important to keep the tissues and structure of the mouth in a healthy state. Most dental problems can be diagnosed during oral care exams.  Effective mouth care prevents potential and systematic infection.

Ensure that oral care in hospitals has the core knowledge of the equipment and method to fulfill the requirements of the patients. I tried my best to tell you all the techniques of oral care for an unconscious patient. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot if you have any question in mind please comments below.

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